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Choose a color to search: In this model, there are 2 additional step functions to consider: Here are the age rates paid per 8 hour shift.

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Finally, it is worth mentioning that instead of Excel you can use similar products that are available free on the web, such as OpenOfficeif you find Microsoft Office suite expensive. The content is organized following a grid structure with big white spaces and an impressive navigational system that doesn't let the user get bored while looking for information.

It takes 1 dealer in blackjack to deal for 2 players for 5 players at the table, but as the number of gamblers increases you will need to schedule more croupiers to work. Here's a table which describes this function: For example, the more people stay at the hotel, the more gamblers there are.

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If you play our systems in land based casinos you can use paper copies for tracking. You are acting like a negative Nancy thx Demango. Our collection of Slot Machines Templates and Themes is absolutely fantastic and promotes an entire series of advanced features and modern designs.

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On one final note, Dave, do you consider me the big bad woof, that is going to blow your house of cards down? Each design can be customized and, to make things easier for you, we include each image in the purchase.


First most of the videos are from high bounce shooters. You may possibly discover something new that you had not thought of until now just by browsing over your previous predictions and track record. Furthermore, you will be able to spot the games that produce the greatest losses, or the odds that repeatedly fail to pay back.

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Besides, failure to monitor our performance is one of the 10 reasons why we lose in online betting. Hopefully, it will be the reason for reducing your stakes and improving your system.

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Just submit your system description with the entire rule set to get a custom spreadsheet. Online bettors consume a lot of time to come up with a system according to their expectations, not to mention placing the recommended bets. You can track roulette numbers of your games which will be processed and recorded in an Excel file.

It is what you get paid on that counts.

roulette spreadsheet

And First off have you or anybody that you know in the DI community ever met the madprofessor? In this assignment, you will create a revenue income and cost expense model for a casino.

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Later when you are back home you may enter your data via the Excel form in order to obtain overall game statistics for both your online and land based casino games. The most common columns in your spreadsheet should be: For example, you could build a new betting system based on the seemingly higher-than-average success rate of predicting away wins; or you may find that you do quite well in specific leagues, and thereafter focus on specialization in sports betting.

Dave, I have a few questions for you so everybody can understand where you are coming from. Had a 35 roll hand In practice last night using the 2- v set and hit 9 PFH' s -not 1 off axis 4 or Order your MS Excel Spreadsheet now! Dave, do you recognize any of those shooters, and if so do you consider them to be DI's?

At the end of the week or month, though, when you load up the Excel spreadsheets that you so painstakingly have created, you will be in front of so many discoveries that should compensate you more than expected.

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By getting online with such a business you manage to attract more viewers and thus more new possible customers by simply implementing a gorgeous theme. Nevertheless, it might be good to get a little frightened, when you discover a huge hole in your monthly financial budget, due to your online betting habits. In particular, you will work on witing some formulas e.

Also, the more hotel rooms are occupied, the more alcohol is sold, generating bar revenue.

On the other hand, you may indeed confirm what you already suspect; that you keep betting on short odds neglecting to make an invaluable odds comparison among bookmakers. The arduous process of recording bets in Excel afterwards seems at first hard and meaningless for most players, who may think that there is no particular reason to spend more time on the computer.

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WhatsApp Creating a new Casino spreadsheet spreadsheet is the first step for all winners in sports betting. In any way, these detailed records will be irrefutable evidence of your betting performance, if you ever want to prove either to your friends or yourself that you actually win in online betting and you are not spending a fortune on your hobby like so many others!

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Dave, here is a good one for you, do have a full-size table at home to practice on, or are you throwing into a cardboard box, or one of those little practice rigs? First, the greatest discovery for many of you will be realizing the extent of your losses. Revenue Calculation The casino has hotel rooms, and all factors of revenue and expenses are tied to hotel occupancy.

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