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Equipping your system with any high-end Viper room gambling will boost your total PC bill by a few hundred dollars per card. Budget gamers should look to lower-priced but still speedy quad-core processors, such as the AMD Ryzen 5 or the Intel Core i5, which will knock hundreds of dollars off the bottom line.

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Beyond adding extra power to your gaming experience, multiple graphics cards can also enable multiple-monitor setups so you can run up to six displays, but some single cards can power up to four, and few gamers go beyond three and even that rarely. Consider the Graphics Card Most gaming systems will come preinstalled with a single midrange or high-end graphics card; higher-priced systems will naturally have better cards, since purchase price typically correlates with animation performance and visual quality.

Intel countered with a new line of Core X-Series processorsin which the top "Extreme Edition" model flaunts 18 cores and 36 threads. Some games are optimized for one type of card or another, but for the most part, you should choose the card that best fits within your budget.

Perfect Processor Power The heart of any system is its processor. We'll be able to offer a better judgment of this generation's capabilities once they're available for testing, when we can tell you whether they're truly worth the price tags.

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See our guide to the best graphics cards for VR. Speed and Space Solid-state drives SSDs have become more popular since prices began dropping dramatically a few years ago. You'll need at least a single high-end graphics card to drive a 4K display at top quality settings, with similar requirements for smooth gameplay on VR headsets.

Once you have your ideal gaming desktop, a couple of extras can really enhance your gaming experience.

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Its high-end Radeon RX Vega video cards tend to be pricey, spottily stocked, and slightly outmatched by Nvidia boards at their price points. Faster memory also improves overall performance and lets you keep your CPU more stable if you decide to overclock it. That said, installing expensive, higher-clocked memory won't necessarily help a CPU that's running at stock speeds, so make sure you budget wisely.

Get a Desktop for the Most Gaming Power

Indeed, it's never been stronger. For those who need to be on the cutting edge, or are upgrading from below the Pascal cards, they're definitely worth keeping an eye on. While the GPU specializes in graphics quality and some physics calculations, the CPU takes care of everything else, and also determines how able your PC will be for demanding tasks that require non-graphics calculations.

A better reason to opt for high-end graphics in the long run if to power 4K and virtual reality VR gaming.

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Whether you go with an AMD- or Nvidia-based card is based partly on price, partly on performance. And today, it's within almost every determined PC shopper's grasp to get a PC with the graphics power necessary to drive the latest games on a full HD p monitor at lofty detail settings.

It's still possible to have three or four AMD cards in your computer at once, provided you have the proper power and heat management and lots of bucks.

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See "Make VR a Reality" below for more information. The Perfect Accessories Don't stop at internal components. Sometimes this support only emerges well after a game's debut; sometimes it never comes at all. Below are the best gaming warrock 8th slot permanent we've tested of late.

Also, Nvidia has been putting a damper on SLI in the last couple of years; it has kiboshed support for installing more than two of its current-generation "Pascal" cards at the same time, and only a subset of its higher-end cards can be installed in SLI. If your choice comes down to paying for a higher-level GPU or a higher-level CPU, and gaming is the primary use you will have for the system, favor the graphics, in most cases.

See our guide to the best graphics cards for 4K gaming.

Most Important: Consider the Graphics Card

You can still get a rich gaming experience for thousands of bucks less by choosing a desktop with a single but robust middle-tier video card and gaming at p or p; 2, by 1, pixels is an increasingly popular native resolution for gaming monitors. Throwing more resources at the problem, such as a more powerful graphics card or a faster CPU, will help, to an extent.

We recommend that you trick out your machine with a top-notch gaming monitor with a fast response rate, as well as a solid gaming headset so you can trash-talk your opponents. Now, VR and 4K gaming are unquestionably high-end matters. But a couple of well-informed choices will go a long way toward helping you get the right gaming desktop from a standard PC manufacturer, even if you're not made of money.

If you mean to play games on a 4K panel with detail settings cranked up, you'll want to look at one of Nvidia's highest-end cards, likely the GeForce GTX Ti, or one of its follow-on "Turing" cards expected to hit the market soon.

For Oculus headsets, a processing technique called asynchronous spacewarp promises full performance with slightly lower-end video cards, but we still suggest opting for the minimums posited by the Vive.

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But you may want to choose the latter if you're into games that involve a lot of background math calculations, such as strategy titles like those in the Civilization seriesor if you mean to use the system for Optiplex 330 slots tasks like converting or editing video, or editing photos.

This is, admittedly, simplifying a complex argument. Lesser, but still high-powered, CPUs, such as the AMD Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 lines, as well as locked and unlocked quad- and six-core Intel Core i7 processors, will provide the computing muscle needed for a satisfying gaming experience.

But to really bring out the beast on 3D AAA titles, you need a discrete graphics card or cards, and these cards are what distinguish a gaming desktop. The most important aspect is the video card—you are pushing a 1,by-1, display to each eye, after all—so go with one of the most powerful cards from either the current or previous generation. These CPU advancements are exciting, but it's not essential to invest in one of these elite-level Threadripper or Core X processors to enjoy excellent PC gaming.

If you want to be able to use one of these to its fullest, your PC will need to meet the headset's system requirements.

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And Intel's Core iK is a four-core chip as opposed to its two-core predecessor, which could save you even more money while giving you plenty of overclocking potential, too. Enthusiasts know that nothing beats the quality of gameplay you can get with a desktop built for gaming.

Most boutique manufacturers, however, will sell systems equipped with multiple-card arrays if you want to run games at their best right away. Indeed, the most pivotal decision you'll tower gambling when purchasing a gaming desktop is which card you get. Get a Desktop for the Most Gaming Power Despite the allure and simplicity of gaming consoles and handheld devices, PC gaming is still alive and kicking.

Many are configured-to-order PCs from boutique manufacturers, but some come from bigger brands normally associated with consumer-grade desktops.