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The Force Awakens in Disney-owned blockbusters, she finally gets to be seen in one. Oakland is also where the real life Black Panthers were initially founded. This metal has enabled the country to make huge technological leaps — although not much more huge, admittedly, than those made by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner elsewhere in the Marvel universe.

Why spend buckets of money on de-aging an actor when you can get the real-life younger version in front of the camera, right? But, beneath a holographic dome, its capital city is actually an ultra-modern utopia in which sleek anti-grav vehicles zip between gleaming skyscrapers draped in lush greenery.

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As Bond has evolved through the years, we have often seen villains having a personal connection, either directly or only separated by a degree. Shuri clearly has genius-level intelligence which surpasses any Q which Bond has ever had the pleasure to work with. Need someone whose fighting looks natural and not choreographed?

While she was recalled from a mission in Nigeria, in which she appeared to be imbedded as a human trafficking victim, she clearly has connections around the world, as we see later in South Korea.

With a bit of research, I found the Macau casino from Skyfall to have been a set built in Pinewood Studios UKand it seems the South Korea casino in Black Panther was in fact a set built in Pinewood Atlanta, where Marvel films see some significant work. Also, if you love all things Academy Awards, you might know her name from her work on Moonlight.

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The sheer number of distinctive and proactive female characters make it a game changer The film takes extraordinary delight and pride in its African-ness, from the colourfully patterned fabrics of the costumes to the tribal chants and drumming on the soundtrack to the Xhosa language which the characters sometimes speak.

Strong women with shaved heads who are incredible fighters? One random leader asks them what on earth a nation of farmers has to offer the rest of the world. Are there any that we missed? Give Screen Rant a Thumbs up! Need someone to do a flip?

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Again, when did you last see an American film with as many black actors — and not a single one of them playing a crack addict or a gangster? Hit me up on Twitter quigontimm -QGT. There was a lot more world-building happening, so that people would understand that Wakanda is a country and not just a city.

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Ryan Coogler superfans probably already know who she is since she also worked on both Fruitvale Station and Creed. Though it was definitely nice to not be in New York for once. And, unlike Captain America: The similarities in the casinos are considerable, though! Through the film she shows her proficiency with several weapons and spy tactics. That was originally supposed to be the actual ending of the movie, before any of the credits rolled at all.

Wow — what an incredible film! The rumor came from an early rough cut of the movie, which actually might have been that long. But it is also a weighty geopolitical drama. If he looks familiar, you might have caught him as a younger Nelson Mandela in Mandela: The location of the deal is to be a casino.

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It packed a punch for a mid-credits scene, so it could have worked well. The women who played the Dora Milaje really did have to shave their heads in real life — no bald caps here. Then, to create the look, Michael B. You know, old school. Ryan Coogler pulled from a lot of sources of inspiration to make this movie, but Marvel also has its own muses. As he explains, he did each button holdem himself after he took a life.

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Once the homage is out of the way, Black Panther becomes a science-fiction fantasy, its futuristic imagery culminating in a Star Wars-style dogfight. But the Black Panther is a blank panther.

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As far as outsiders are concerned, the country is a poverty-stricken backwater populated by hut-dwelling goatherds.