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In the cabin she cuts off her clitoris with scissors.

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Eventually, Charlotte Gainsbourg expressed interest in the role, and by von Trier's words she was very slot trier to get cast: I took [the horror genre] more as an inspiration, and then this strange story came out of it.

In Antichrist, it is evident in the woman's intense anxiety and depressive withdrawal expressed through the neo-romantic landscape and supernaturalist elements of the forest to which she and her partner have retreated.

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Von Trier was furious and decided to delay the shoot so he could rewrite the script. Upon viewing Nic's autopsy and photos she took of him while the two stayed at Eden, the man becomes aware that she had been systematically putting Nic's shoes on the wrong feet, resulting in a foot deformity.

The scene where the fox utters the words "chaos reigns" was particularly difficult to make. While in the woodshed, she attacks him, accuses him of planning to leave her, mounts him, and then smashes a large block of wood onto his groin, causing him to lose consciousness.

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Von Trier was fascinated by the contrast between this and the view of nature as a romantic and peaceful place. But right now I don't know," he told the Danish newspaper Politiken. The area becomes increasingly sinister to the man, including acorns rapidly pelting the metal roof, awakening with a hand covered in swollen ticks, and finding a self- disemboweling fox that tells him "chaos reigns.

She helps him back to the cabin, where she tells him she does "not yet" want to kill him, adding that "when the three beggars arrive someone must die. He received the script for Antichrist, although he was told that von Trier's wife was skeptical about asking a renowned actor like Dafoe to do such an extreme role.


The slow motion sequences were shot with a Phantom V4 in 1, frames per second. He then burns her on a funeral pyre.

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Following the sound of a crow he has found buried alive in the hole, she locates him and attacks and mostly buries him with a shovel. Locations were used in Rhein-Sieg-Kreispart of the Cologne region including rural areas in Nutscheid [32] and Wuppertal.

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The father, a therapist, is skeptical of the psychiatric care she is receiving and takes it upon himself to treat her personally with psychotherapy. He repeatedly excused himself to the actors for being in the mental condition he was, and was not able to operate the camera as he usually does, which made him very frustrated.

Also credited are researchers dedicated to fields including "misogyny", "anxiety", "horror films" and "theology. In a frenzied moment, they have violent intercourse at the base of an ominous dead tree, where bodies are intertwined within the exposed roots.

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A plastic baby with authentic weight was made for the opening sequence. Willem Dafoewho had previously worked with Lars von Trier in Manderlaywas cast as "He" after contacting von Trier and asking what he was working on at the moment. The woman then masturbates the unconscious man, culminating in an ejaculation of blood.

In the documentary the forests were portrayed as a place of great pain and suffering as the different species tried to kill and eat each other.

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Analysis[ edit ] Nature and religion[ edit ] Film scholar Magdalena Zolkos interprets Antichrist as an "origins story," citing its unnamed characters and setting—a woods called Eden—as primary reasons. Most of these shots consist of digitally removed details such as the collar and leash used to lead the deer, but some were more complicated.

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Music[ edit ] The aria " Lascia ch'io pianga " from Handel 's opera Rinaldo is used as the film's main musical theme.