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Out of the we have listed only 3 have been sold. If you have any others not listed here, please post photos in the form at the bottom of the page. Apparently this one is the 5th and last Casino 5 cue to be made and sold.

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Everlock adjustable system oz. Hello Mr Best, We had decided to discontinue this model and our website has since listed the cue as discontinued. The buttsleeve consists of a 4 card royal flush in spades over a 48 piece blue Paua Shell sleeve trimmed with white on either side.

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Black Rings border the top and bottom of wrap. Latest Designs Here are just a few of the latest designs from Meucci Cues Casino 5 Joker Cue Short Description: Now we have gone a step further by making them available with exclusive Joker Cards. If you want this last one.

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We do have a single runner who can get this moving at Meucci with your specs for you if you want to proceed. The cue is no longer listed on the website.

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Each Paua Shell heart, spade, diamond, club has a white frame. BMC Casino 5 "Joker" pool cue with the production date The forearm begins with a black colored Power Piston sleeve inlaid with best roulette software 2015 authentic blue Paua Shell points framed in white.

Please forgive our slow response time to your inquiry.

We have 1 left that is about 2 weeks to be able to ship. Threads have brass insert.

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This email was from November Urethane coated Black with Natural Casino cue Irish linen wrap. We are small family run business and are currently out of town.

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They quit making them and only made 5 of them. I can send you a PayPal invoice.

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Each line ends in one of the 4 suites. Each forearm is signed Robert Meucci, and most are also dated. This casino cue exchange from Budget Billiards in Aug 9, confirms that the 5th cue which is the one shown in this gallery went to Tony Best.

Hydraulic Polycarbonate composition ferrule for a soft hit now made more durable than original.

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I bought a Budget Billards Casino 5 Joker cue. One Black Dot Bullseye Layer laminated hard rock maple shaft 29" long.