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The twin sister quickly leaves the house, leaving Black Jack and Pinoko behind. Later that night, there is a fire in Pinoko's room. She then trains herself to become a "normal" human without Black Jack's help and quickly adapts to her new body, able to walk, run, talk and much else.

Also, keep in mind this is a fictioncal series.

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Before leaving, Black Jack tries to introduce Pinoko to her twin sister, where in a comical fashion, Pinoko begins to attack her sister by jumping up and down on her while calling her various names. She is barely able to babble in her new body, and is technically nameless at the time.

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Although this is not because of her synthetic body, Pinoko has a heavy lisp that is present in the manga and anime. This is how she enacted the supposed "tumour's curse". Soon, the tumour was so large it had to be removed due it being so large. All medical information may not be accurate.

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Black Jack never shows black jack nyero romantic feelings for Pinoko, just shows a kind of fatherly love for her. Appearance Edit Pinoko has short orange hair, that is also sometimes depicted as either a reddish ginger or a chocolate brown.

It was then separated by Black Jack in an operation.

She shows extreme concern for Black Jack, and will stay by his side regardless of the situation whether or not Black Jack wants her there. While her twin sister is taken back to the hospital, one of the doctors is horrified when they see the tumour being kept inside the culture medium. Pinoko is technically zero years old as stated in her birth certificate, but she is mentally eighteen since she grew together with her twin sister on her abdomen for eighteen years.

Pinoko is immediately infuriated by this and bgins to attack her sister in the original comical style as the manga. After they leave, Black Jack immediatly begins with another surgery on the remaining parts, assembling and arranging the scrambled body parts into a complete body.

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Due to her synthetic body, Pinoko has some disability. Her hair is a rounded bob cut, and she wears four pink bows on the of her head, red overalls with a frilly skirt trim, and a yellow long sleeve shirt.

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Sometimes it is an emotional support in moments of anguish and sometimes it has given the doctor something to worry about. Her face was never shown in the anime series as she wears a mask all the time.

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