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One driving force for the Las Vegas coins, currency and collectible market has been the big business casinos that have, for decades, attempted to create a collectible market based on their own branding needs. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? If there is, the exchange rate would probably be about 2 cents.

Only the center is. The Four Queens hotel Las Vegas strike seem to have a high premium as everyone collects them. O mint dollars jump even higher in gem uncirculated and better condition, while the S mint is more common, and thus less valuable, in gem grades. I'm guessing it is probably one of the non-circulating "commemorative" coins from t…he Marshall Islands.

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But it could be from a couple of other places too. MERGE exists and is an alternate of. All prices as of September -- prices vary by demand level. The collectible value may be greater, although most numismatists will treat it as a simple "silver round" one ounce of silver in a round shape. There are other factors that influence coin values, including toning casino commemorative silver coins and surface reflectivity.

The rest is brass. In fact, one of the emerging markets in the numismatic world is casino chips, casino coins, silver strikes and other various Las Vegas coins of the commemorative type.

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Mexico, for instance, uses the dollar sign on some peso currency, but I don't think there is a ten peso coin with it. The CC version is much more valuable in lower grades, due to its rarity overall, but it does not gain as much in higher grades.

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Some of these coins which are better dates or key dates can carry an added premium because of their status as Las Vegas coins. Read more West Flamingo Store. Would you like to merge this question into it? Still, there are those who do collect coins and currency in the Las Vegas valley, and more still who find themselves collecting Las Vegas coins, casino chips, silver strikes, commemorative Las Vegas coins, pure silver Las Vegas coins and other numismatic items pertaining to Las Vegas and its well-known iconic status in the modern world.


In all cases try to avoid contact with the surfaces, and never attempt to clean or polish your coins, as this will almost certainly reduce its value. Coin values depend very much on the condition of the coin and the mintmark. Please post new question with more information or see related answers There were two different kinds of silver dollars issued inas they phased out the Morgans dollars, …and phased the Peace dollars in.

Collectibles in general haven't always been "a Las Vegas thing" per se, mainly because those who have lived in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas tend to have other things on their mind.

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MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. The values of S and O mint dollars are about the same as the Philadelphia mint values in circulated to average uncirculated condition.

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They also have a collectors premium depending on the coin. What is the value of a silver dollar coin?