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Using the Staff of Ice to spawn a Zombie Blood is a viable tactic to getting the Empty Perk Bottles quickly without having to depend on random power-up drops as much.

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You cannot obtain Quick Revive see below from the bottle if the Quick Revive machine is already broken, even if you have all other perks. Build Field Engineering in your Tech Wing.

So be careful when upgrading. The DM cannot be pack-a-punched and you cannot revive or buy while using a DM. Also, if you get two nukes, or one spawns while another nuke is in progress, do not use the second one. The cape worn by master farmers. The cape also has an emotelasting 6.

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This is a good time to revive downed teammates. On the tank's path to Church, near the dropdown to the cul-de-sac accessible from No Man's Land. Between Generators 1 and 3, next to the B23R wallbuy.

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Additionally, if you upgrade everything in your Medical Wing, you get an extra slot for your talents. This does not reward points, but you spend less. This power up is only found on Five.

Stat Switch Swap stats of items in the recalibration station. There are several glitches for the Fire Sale and I'm origins perk slot locations going to name them all, but be careful. This can also be gained three times. There is no easy way to spawn this item. Contamination Intel This perk reveals all contaminated areas. Build Shooting Range in your Security Wing.

Easy ways to spawn a Max Ammo is by finishing a round with hellhounds, the Pentagon Thief, or space monkeys. This means you will be able to extract more items from the Dark Zone. However, you still can rebuild, open doors, and clear debris.

Also, try to reload your weapon s so that you get the max amount of ammo back. For more information on this powerup, see my nuke wiki page. Advanced Weaponry Places an advanced weapons vendor in the Security Wing. Clothes Vendor Unlocks a clothes vendor in your Security Wing. Remember zombies can come through certain windows in the P-A-P room.

Incendiary Bullets The effects of incendiary bullets last 10 seconds longer. Writing is both his hobby and vocation.